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Welcome to the DiningGuide service for the Greenville North Carolina area. Please select one of the listings below for a profile of a place to eat in the "Dessert" category. To return to the DiningGuide Greenville North Carolina home page, where you can search for restaurants in different categories, click on the "Greenville North Carolina Restaurants" link, above and at the bottom of the page.

Greenville Show More

Greenville 1098 Allen Road
252-752-4754 Inexpensive
Greenville 2035 E. Fire Tower Rd.
252-353-4445 Inexpensive
Cold Stone Creamery
Greenville 2205-C W. Arlington Blvd.
252-757-2653 Inexpensive
Krispy Kreme
Greenville 300 E. 10th St.
252-830-1525 Inexpensive
Krispy Kreme
Greenville 826 Rivit Street
252-321-3430 Inexpensive
Cold Stone Creamery
Greenville 518-G Greenville Blvd. S.E.
252-439-2653 Inexpensive
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Kill Devil Hills Show More

Cold Stone Creamery
Kill Devil Hills 1716 N. Croatan Hwy.
252-261-2496 Inexpensive
Dairy Queen Brazier
Kill Devil Hills 109 E. Ocean Bay Blvd.
252-480-2342 Inexpensive
Dairy Queen Brazier
Nags Head 6714 S. Croatan Hwy.
252-480-3038 Inexpensive
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Surrounding Communities Show More

Dairy Queen
Washington 841 W. 15th St.
252-974-7675 Inexpensive
Dairy Queen Brazier
Elizabeth City 509 W. Ehring Haus St.
252-335-4912 Inexpensive
Dairy Queen Brazier
Kinston 3701 W. Vernon Ave.
252-520-7622 Inexpensive
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